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Apartment Marketing Spotlight COASTERS

Potential traffic will COASTer on in!

Have you discovered the marketing magic of Coasters? Coasters are an extremely effective, unique and affordable way to spread the word about your apartment community.

>> Cross Promotions :: Create a cross promotion with local restaurants, bars and coffee shops. We will work with you to combine information from both your community and your business partner(s). (We provide dual design services at no additional fee.)

>> Marketing Outreach :: Deliver coasters to nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops and preferred employers. In addition to receiving complimentary coasters for their patrons, their customers will also receive an exclusive discount from your community.

>> Unique Gift & Biz Cards :: Although many people continue to create business cards, the majority of them probably get thrown in the recycle bin. When you give out coasters in place of business cards, they will most likely be placed on counters, coffee tables, and desks. In addition to distributing them in place of business cards, they also make a fantastic gift tag. Punch a hole in the coaster and use as a substantial and unique gift tag/business card for baskets, boxes, and treats.

>> Giftables :: Tie a pretty ribbon around groupings of coasters and include them in welcome home gifts. This is also a gorgeous presentation to include with PEP gifts.

>> Preferred Employer Tool :: Coasters are especially important now that most employees are returning to offices. Who doesn't need a coaster on their desk? This is especially nice when teamed with your community logo mugs or logo drink bottles. They also team beautifully with wine, seltzer, water and beer. Create an easy gift by combining gourmet coffee, bundles of tied coasters and community logo coffee mugs. Punch a hole in one coaster and attach to the bag/box of coffee.

>> Teacher, Nurse, Emergency Responders Appreciation Gifts :: When dropping off gifts of appreciation to the important members of your community, be sure to include tied bundles of coasters or dessert grab 'n go's (see below). When given as gifts, coasters tend to hang out in offices and desks for a long time. This makes them the ultimate long-term marketing item.

>> Ballpark & Concert Marketing :: Take them out to the ballgame -- create a baseball coaster that will knock your summer move-ins out of the ballpark. Turn it into a keepsake by featuring your local team's home schedule. Deliver them to ballpark vendors, hand them out in the parking lot and leave on cars in the parking lot (if allowed). If your area hosts summer concert series, the coasters are a great giveaway to team with bottles of water and/or dessert grab 'n go's (see below). This same type of theming can be easily applied to events such as road races and concert series.

>> Dessert Grab 'n Go's :: Create adorable marketing and resident retention grab 'n go's -- place a doughnut, cookie or muffin on top of a coaster, place in a clear bag and tie with a ribbon. Punch a hole in coaster and tie to bottles of water, wine, champagne, seltzer and more. Coasters are also adorable alternatives to plates. Use them in your grab' no go displays for resident events, street fairs and preferred employer events.

>> Resident Referrals :: Use coasters with your "Pick Your Neighbor/Good Friends Make Great Neighbors" Referral Program. Include a referral card on top of a nice little stack of coasters that have a ribbon wrapped around them. Let residents know they can stop by the office for coaster referral bundles that they can gift to their co-workers, friends and families. Most of you offer fantastic referral rewards, so many residents will like this little extra way of spreading the word. It makes their job of referring MUCH easier and nice. It also shows potential residents how beautiful your community is and how thoughtful you are.

>> Teamwork Makes the Dream Work :: Share a coaster with your sister communities. Coasters are double sided, so you may feature a community on each side. (We will create a "twin win" coaster at no additional charge.)

>> Add a QR Code :: Add a QR that is links your coaster to your website, community videos or social sites. (We also provide QR codes linked to custom web pages. This allows you to update your message or specials as needed. The custom web pages include hyperlinks, which allows the recipient of the coaster to click thru to social media pages, videos made by your teams, floor plans, your website, etc.)

I would love to brainstorm with you about your coasters! To get your fabulous new coaster started, zip me an email, text/call (828) 628-6330.



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