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April Resident Events for Busy Apartment Teams

Spring has sprung! It's time to host celebrations both inside and out. To help inspire and organize your events, we have put together lots of spring-forward events. Scroll down for garden party ideas, fur baby events and monthly and daily celebrations.


Pick-Your-Own Flower Bouquet Bar

This event is an easy grab 'n go that residents will love. The blooms will brighten their homes for many days to come. Click on any of these gorgeous examples for more inspiration.


Sips & Succulents

The sips can be anything you like! From seltzer to tea, to cocktails. Succulents are available pretty much everywhere these days. Before stocking up on succulents or any plants that you give out at events, be sure to check if they are safe for pets and humans. Although the majority of succulents are safe for pets and humans, there are exceptions. Do an online search for more information.

Click on any of these beautiful examples for setting up your party:


Paint-Your-Own Pottery

This is a wonderful event to get residents excited about decorating their homes and patios/balconies for spring! Looking for inspiration to set up your party? Check out these great ideas:


Wild for our Fur Babies Events

For all of us animal lovers, EVERY SINGLE DAY is a day to celebrate our babies. These are a few of the extra special days happening in April. Check out the photo collage for ideas to make cat toys and froyo for a grab 'n go event, a vintage gumball machine to dispense dog treats, a kissing booth for yappy hours, and a pawsssssitively adorable spring paw print flower craft.

  • April 1 :: International Bull Terrier Day

  • April 2 :: National Ferret Day

  • April 4 :: World Stray Animal Day

  • April 6 :: National Siamese Cat Day

  • April 9 :: Unicorn Day

  • April 10 :: Hug Your Dog Day (isn't this every moment of every day?)

  • April 11 :: National Pet Day (yep, another daily celebration, lol, are you seeing a theme?)

  • April 19 :: Pet Owners Day

  • April 21 :: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

  • April 26 :: Hairball Awareness Day

  • April 27 :: Eeyore's Birthday

  • April 30 :: National Therapy Animal Day, National Shelter Animal Day, National Tabby Day



  • Brunch Month // host spring resident brunches throughout the month. Boost referrals by encouraging residents to invite their friends, colleagues and family.

  • Financial Literacy Month // share financial advantages of renting vs. owning on social media, host an event with a financial advisor who can share tips

  • Fair Housing Month // ask your team to attend Fair Housing classes or share a refresher course

  • Decorating Month // ask residents to share how they are decorating their apartment homes, share the photos on social, give away a gift certificate to a local home decor store

  • Stress Awareness Month // share how your apartment community lowers stress via social (location, fitness classes/services, resident events, areas to relax)


Afternoon Tea Month

Use tea as your "guess how many" theme this month! Create grab 'n go tea gifts, host an afternoon tea with tea sandwiches, stock up your refreshment area with a variety of teas.



  • April 1: April Fool's Day

  • April 2: World Autism Awareness Day

  • April 3: Find a Rainbow Day

  • April 4: School Librarian Day

  • April 9: Cherish an Antique Day

  • April 10: Siblings Day

  • April 11: Pet Day

  • April 12: Only Child Day

  • April 13: Scrabble Day

  • April 14: Dolphin Day & Gardening Day

  • April 15: Tax Day, Good Friday & Clean Out Medicine Cabinet Day

  • April 16: Wear PJ's to Work Day, Orchid Day

  • April 17: Haiku Poetry Day

  • April 22: Earth Day

  • April 23: Tale a Chance Day & Lost Dogs Awareness Day

  • April 24: Pet Parents Day

  • April 25: DNA Day

  • April 26: Audubon Day

  • April 28: Superhero Day

  • April 29: Arbor Day

  • April 30: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day & Hairstylist Appreciation Day


Daily Food Celebrations*

We have included at least one food to celebrate per day. Food holidays are an easy and effective way to treat residents.

  • April 1: Sourdough Bread Day

  • April 2: Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

  • April 3: Chocolate Mousse Day

  • April 4: Cordon Bleu Day

  • April 5: Caramel Day & Deep Dish Pizza Day

  • April 6: Twinkie Day & Tomato Day

  • April 7: Beer Day, Burrito Day & Coffee Cake Day

  • April 8: Empanada Day

  • April 9: Almond Cookie Day

  • April 10: Cinnamon Crescent Day

  • April 11: Cheese Fondue Day

  • April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

  • April 13: Peach Cobbler Day

  • April 14: Pecan Day

  • April 15: Glazed Spiral Ham Day & Hot Cross Buns Day

  • April 16: Eggs Benedict Day

  • April 17: Cheeseball Day & Baked Ham with Pineapple Day

  • April 18: Animal Crackers Birthday & Peeps Day

  • April 19: Garlic Day & Rice Ball Day

  • April 20: Banana Day & Cheddar Fries Day

  • April 21: Pizza Cake Day & Chocolate Covered Cashews Truffle Day

  • April 22: Jelly Bean Day

  • April 23: Cherry Cheesecake Day

  • April 24: Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

  • April 25: Zucchini Bread Day

  • April 26: Pretzel Day

  • April 27: Prime Rib Day

  • April 28: Blueberry Pie Day

  • April 29: Shrimp Scampi Day

  • April 30: Raisin Day

I would love to show off your event photos! Please email them or tag us on Instagram. To receive our monthly event and marketing ideas, take a moment to subscribe.

Thank you for creatingHOME!


*All holidays are national unless noted otherwise. Holiday dates are subject to change. If in doubt, check the holiday name with the corresponding year.


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