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August Resident Events for Busy Apartment Teams

Hello and happy August apartment party planning and resident retention experts!! We have put together a great list of residents events to help you celebrate your residents. We know how busy you are, so the themes are easy to adapt to your busy schedule and resident event budgets.

In addition to the monthly and daily themes, we recommend helping your residents beat the heat with air conditioned or pool forward events. August is the perfect time for a dive-in movie. August 8 is Sleep Under the Stars Night, so that could be a fun tie in as a "splash under the stars" or "watch the stars under the stars" event. And of course, your pups will definitely enjoy the opportunity to cool off in sprinklers or in a plunge pool.

Scroll down for a list of monthly celebrations, daily events and daily food themes that make it easy for you to create engaging social media posts, resident events, giveaways and grab 'n go's.


  • National Wellness Month // Highlight the healthy aspects of your community, including mental health (nature-filled location, short commute, 24-hour maintenance) to physical health (fitness center, places to walk/bike, areas to play with and walk dogs).

  • National Brownies at Brunch Month // Serve brownies at your brunches or coffee bar, create a grab 'n go with brownie mixes.

  • National Back to School Month // It's also National Crayon Collection Month, so if you are hosting supply drives, be sure to include them in the mix.

  • Romance Awareness Month // Help residents feel the love by hosting events such as speed dating, singles mixers, and a parent date night out.

  • National Dog Month // Isn't every month dog and cat month?? Treat your fluffy residents extra special this month with several giveaways, a special event, puppy plunge pools (or an end-of-the-season plunge into the big pools). If you would also like to celebrate community kitties in the same event, International Cat Day is August 8.

SUMMER FUN FOR YOUR FURRY RESIDENTS!! (click for photos & ideas)


Daily theme days are an easy way to infuse your social media with interesting/fun facts, to create giveaways and to host resident events. You may want to combine several celebrations, such as National Back to School Month, Crayon Month and Coloring Book Day.

  • August 1: Girlfriends Day

  • August 2: Coloring Book Day

  • August 3: International Friendship Day

  • August 4: Water Balloon Day

  • August 5: Sandcastle Day // Clown Day

  • August 6: Beach Volleyball Day // Sisters Day // Psychic Day

  • August 7: Picnic Day

  • August 8: International Cat Day // Sleep Under the Stars Day

  • August 9: Book Lovers Day

  • August 10: Duran Duran Appreciation Day // Paul Bunyan Day

  • August 11: Shop for Groceries Online Day // Hip Hop Day

  • August 12: Middle Child Day // Garage Sale Day

  • August 13: Left Hander's Day

  • August 14: Lizard Day // World Calligraphy Day

  • August 15: Thrift Shop Day // Best Friends Day // Relaxation Day // No Spongebob Day

  • August 16: Rollercoaster Day

  • August 17: Black Cat Appreciation Day // I Love My Feet Day

  • August 18: Bad Poetry Day // Men's Grooming Day

  • August 19: World Photo Day // Honey Bee Day

  • August 20: Radio Day // Mosquito Day

  • August 21: Senior Citizen's Day / Poet's Day // Internet Self-Care Day

  • August 22: Take Your Cat to the Vet Day // Tooth Fairy Day

  • August 23: Find Your Inner Nerd Day

  • August 24: International Strange Music Day // Waffle Iron Day

  • August 25: Second Hand Wardrobe Day

  • August 26: Dog Day

  • August 27: World Rock, Paper, Scissors Day

  • August 28: Read Comics in Public Day // Thoughtful Day

  • August 29: More Herbs, Less Salt Day

  • August 30: Beach Day // Holistic Pet Day

  • August 31: Daffodil Day // Matchmaker Day


Daily food celebrations are a fab, easy and affordable way to connect with residents. They are perfect for grab 'n go's, party themes, WOW fridges, outreach marketing, renewal gifts, resident referral gifts and social media contests. If it is a Cocktail Day (several this month), invite residents to stop by after work for a Happy Hour, hire a mixologist to teach residents how to make a cocktail or share a "how to" cocktail video with your team mixing up a yummy concoction in one of your open apartments.

  • August 1: Raspberry Cream Pie Day // Homemade Pie Day

  • August 2: Ice Cream Sandwich Day

  • August 3: IPA Day // Watermelon Day

  • August 4: White Wine Day // International Beer Day // Chocolate Chip Day

  • August 5: Oyster Day

  • August 6: Root Beer Float Day

  • August 7: Raspberries 'n Cream Day

  • August 8: Frozen Custard Day // Zucchini Day // Fried Chicken & Waffles Day

  • August 9: Rice Pudding Day

  • August 10: S'mores Day // Banana Split Day

  • August 11: Raspberry Pie Day // Popsicle Day

  • August 12: Julienne Fries Day

  • August 13: Prosecco Day // Fillet Mignon Day // Bagel Day

  • August 14: Creamsicle Day

  • August 15: Lemon Meringue Day // Julia Child's Birthday

  • August 16: Bratwurst Day // Rum Day (cocktail ideas :: rum punch, rum swizzle, rum runner, daiquiri, piña colada, hot buttered rum, pain killer, hurricane, mai tai, planter's punch, bushwacker, rum sour, bee's kiss, rum mojito)

  • August 17: Vanilla Custard Day

  • August 18: Pinot Noir Day // Ice Cream Pie Day // Fajita Day

  • August 19: Bacon Lovers Day // Kool Aid Day

  • August 20: Chocolate Pecan Pie Day // Lemonade Day

  • August 21: Sweet Tea Day // Spumoni Day

  • August 22: Pecan Torte Day

  • August 23: Eat a Peach Day (it is also Peach Month) // Cuban Sandwich Day

  • August 24: Peach Pie Day

  • August 25: Whiskey Sour Day

  • August 26: Cherry Popsicle Day

  • August 27: Pots de Creme Day

  • August 28: Red Wine Day // Cherry Turnovers Day

  • August 29: Cabernet Sauvignon Day // Chop Suey Day

  • August 30: Mai Tai Day (Mai Tai means "out of this world," celebrating its 79th birthday) // Toasted Marshmallow Day

  • August 31: Trail Mix Day

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Renee *All holidays are national unless noted otherwise. Holiday dates are subject to change. If in doubt, check the holiday name with the corresponding year.


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