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June Resident Events for Busy Apartment Teams

Monthly Celebrations

  • Adopt a Cat Month // host a cat adoption event and/or feature how to adopt a cat from a local shelter

  • Candy Month // offer different candy options at the refreshment area each week (place in beautiful apothecary jars with scoops and bags) or Grab 'n Go

  • Great Outdoors Month // highlight all of your beautiful community outdoor spaces, host outdoor events (Dive in Pool Party, BBQ's, Walking Club, Yoga Outdoors, etc.)

  • LGBTQIA Pride Month // highlight & feature local events via Social

  • Rose Month // Grab 'n Go Bouquets or Patio Rose Giveaway

  • Bunch of Balloons Month // invite community kids and kids at heart to stop by for a helium balloon

Celebrations by Holiday

  • June 1: Nail Polish Day (Grab 'n Go)

  • June 2: Leave Office Early Day (promote community work-from-home office space/options)

  • June 4: Hug Your Cat Day (feature community cats on social, offer Grab 'n Go for cat parents)

  • June 5: Cancer Survivor's Day (celebrate cancer survivors on social)

  • June 6: Drive-in Movie Day (host Dive-in Movie) & YoYo Day (Grab 'n Go)

  • June 9: Donald Duck Day (feature Disney movies in Clubhouse)

  • June 10: Movie Night (Dive-in Movie or Movies in Clubhouse, ask residents to vote for their favorite via Social)

  • June 12: Children's Day (celebrate kids of your community with a special crafting event, pool party, birthday party and/or Grab 'n Go)

  • June 13: Weed Your Garden Day (highlight community garden or patio plants event)

  • June 15: Smile Power & Photography Day (feature best community photos contest, ask residents to tag you on social)

  • June 17: Flip Flop Day (Poolside Grab 'n Go -- write fun appreciation notes to residents on bottom of flip flops)

  • June 19: Father's Day (celebrate your Dads with Grab 'n Go, Event and on Social) & Juneteenth (feature Juneteenth info on Social)

  • June 21: Summer Begins (Grab 'n Go or Summer BBQ/Pool Party) & Selfie Day (Best community selfie photos contest, ask residents to tag you on social)

  • June 24: Take Dog to Work Day (Breakfast on-the-Go featuring Dog Treats)

  • June 25: SUMMERSgiving (Pool Giveaways, Pool Party, Cookout, etc.)

  • June 27: Sunglasses Day (Grab 'n Go or Raffle)

  • June 30: Social Media Day (thank all your followers for engaging, host giveaways)

Daily Food Celebrations*

We have included at least one food to celebrate per day. Food holidays are an easy and effective way to treat residents.

  • June 1: Olive Day (serve martinis on Wine Down Wednesday) & Hazelnut Cake Day

  • June 2: Rocky Road Day & Rotisserie Chicken Day (Grab 'n Go Chicken Dinners while quantities last)

  • June 3: Egg Day & Doughnut Day (Breakfast on-the-Go)

  • June 4: Cognac Day & Cheese Day (Sippin' Saturday/ Sip Sip Hooray Saturday with Cognac, Cheese Board, etc.)

  • June 5: Gingerbread Day & Veggie Burger Day (BBQ that also offers Veggie Burgers)

  • June 6: Applesauce Cake Day

  • June 7: Chocolate Ice Cream Day

  • June 8: Name Your Poison Day (Wine Down Wednesday Mixed Drinks or Wine Tasting Event)

  • June 9: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

  • June 10: Egg Roll Day, Herbs/Spices Day & Iced Tea Day (Iced Tea in refreshment area, stock WOW Fridge with variety of Iced Teas, Spiked Iced Tea for Happy Hour)

  • June 11: Rosé Day (Sip Sip Rosé Saturday) & Corn on the Cob Day (Perfect for a weekend BBQ, offer Mexican Street Corn or BBQed Corn)

  • June 12: PB Cookie Day (add to refreshment area) & Jerky Day

  • June 13: Cupcake Lovers Day (add to refreshment area or offer as Grab 'n Go)

  • June 14: Strawberry Shortcake Day (Grab 'n Go or Tasty Tuesday Dessert Night) & Bourbon Day (Bourbon & Bites Happy Hour)

  • June 15: Lobster Day (create cross promo with local seafood restaurants and raffle off gift cards)

  • June 16: Fudge Day (Grab 'n Go, offer at refreshment area)

  • June 17: Apple Strudel Day & Cherry Tart Day (Grab 'n Go, offer at refreshment area)

  • June 18: Picnic Day & Cheesemakers Day

  • June 19: Martini Day (Sip Sip Hooray Sunday)

  • June 20: Vanilla Milkshake Day (Milkshake Monday or create cross promo with local diners/shake shops and offer free coupons)

  • June 21: Peaches & Cream Day (Grab 'n Go peaches, peaches at refreshment area or stock clubhouse freezer with individual peach ice cream)

  • June 22: Chocolate Eclair Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 23: Pecan Sandy Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 24: Pralines Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 25: Strawberry Parfait Day (Strawberry Parfait Saturday) & Catfish Day (CATurday BBQ featuring Catfish or Grab 'n Go from seafood restaurant)

  • June 26: Chocolate Pudding Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 27: Orange Blossom Day (Grab 'n Go or feature oranges and juices at refreshment area)

  • June 28: Tapioca Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 29: Almond Buttercrunch Day (Grab 'n Go or feature at refreshment area)

  • June 30: Bomb Pop Day (stock up clubhouse freezer and/or serve Poolside) & Mai Tai Day (Thirsty Thursday Mai Tais)

I would love to show off your event photos! Please email them or tag us on Instagram. To receive our complimentary monthly event calendars and flyers, take a moment to subscribe.

Thank you for creatingHOME!


*All holidays are national unless noted otherwise.


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