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June Resident Events for Busy Apartment Teams

Monthly Celebrations

  • Adopt a Cat Month // host a cat adoption event and/or feature how to adopt a cat from a local shelter

  • Candy Month // offer different candy options at the refreshment area each week (place in beautiful apothecary jars with scoops and bags) or Grab 'n Go

  • Great Outdoors Month // highlight all of your beautiful community outdoor spaces, host outdoor events (Dive in Pool Party, BBQ's, Walking Club, Yoga Outdoors, etc.)

  • LGBTQIA Pride Month // highlight & feature local events via Social

  • Rose Month // Grab 'n Go Bouquets or Patio Rose Giveaway

  • Bunch of Balloons Month // invite community kids and kids at heart to stop by for a helium balloon

Celebrations by Holiday

  • June 1: Nail Polish Day (Grab 'n Go)

  • June 2: Leave Office Early Day (promote community work-from-home office space/options)

  • June 4: Hug Your Cat Day (feature community cats on social, offer Grab 'n Go for cat parents)

  • June 5: Cancer Survivor's Day (celebrate cancer survivors on social)

  • June 6: Drive-in Movie Day (host Dive-in Movie) & YoYo Day (Grab 'n Go)

  • June 9: Donald Duck Day (feature Disney movies in Clubhouse)

  • June 10: Movie Night (Dive-in Movie or Movies in Clubhouse, ask residents to vote for their favorite via Social)

  • June 12: Children's Day (celebrate kids of your community with a special crafting event, pool party, birthday party and/or Grab 'n Go)

  • June 13: Weed Your Garden Day (highlight community garden or patio plants event)

  • June 15: Smile Power & Photography Day (feature best community photos contest, ask residents to tag you on social)

  • June 17: Flip Flop Day