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October Resident Event Ideas for Busy Apartment Teams

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Candy & Cocktails

The perfect combo for an October Wine Down Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday event.

Cookie Decorating

Provide cookies shaped like bats, pumpkins, witches, etc. along with icing and fun toppings.

Balcony, Door or Apartment Decoration Contest

This is a fun way to showcase your fabulous community. Create a haunted hashtag and ask everyone to vote.

Pumpkin Carving

Host an outdoor carving party or a carving contest via social media. Serve pumpkin pie, cookies, muffins and PSL beverages.

Football Sundaes

Make Sunday Night Football extra sweet with a sundae bar.

National Book Month

Mystery Books Giveaway

Wrap mystery books and place them in the clubhouse as a fun grab 'n go event.

PSL Everything Coffee Bar

Haunt your coffee area with pumpkin spice seasonal syrups, creamers, and sugar/spice shakers.

Halloween Theme Wow Fridge

Make your fridge extra wicked with pumpkin and Halloween themed goodies and decorations. It seems that everyone hopped aboard the PSL broom this year. You can select from seasonal flavored coffee, tea, creamers, syrups, cereal, yogurt, ice cream, beer, breakfast bars, cookies, granola, chocolates, pretzels, popcorn, and candy.

Monsters & Mimosas

Brunch is a wonderful way to get residents together. Serve up a variety of Franken-foods, such as pumpkin waffles and muffins, eyeballs (grapes and donut holes), ghost shaped pancakes and other seasonal goodies. Bewitch the mimosas by adding a few drops of red food dye and dipping glass rims in black sugar.


You just know that your furry residents will love pup-kin spice goodies! Ask them to arrive in their best costumes for a pawsome parade and/or photo shoot.

Scaredy Cats

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers...'tis near Halloween." Let your resident felines know that you have lots of treats at the office or deliver them door-to-door for an extra paws-ome treat.

Cider Tasting Flights

Provide residents with a variety of hard and/or regular ciders. From a Cider Tasting Sunday to Cider and Sunday Night Football, it is guaranteed to be an easy and enjoyable get together. This event can also be easily teamed with apple pie or apple tasting.


Turn your outdoor area into a Bavarian oasis. If you have a favorite local bar, ask them to co-host the event. This is a great event to serve beer flights. Provide hot, fresh pretzels with high quality dipping mustards and whipped butter. For extra fun, provide Polka music/band or karaoke.

Halloween Party with Psychic Readings and Caricatures

Make your party a real scream by hiring a psychic to give residents a reading. And what better than a caricature print to gift to residents who are dressed in costumes? They will love having their Halloween keepsake. If in budget, supply a frame to ensure that residents display it in their home. It will be a sweet reminder of why they make their home at your community. If you prefer, a photographer is also a good addition.

Fall Craft Festival

Ask local crafts people, caricature artists and food vendors to attend. If you are pet friendly, this event can also be easily combined with a pet adoption. This event can also be teamed with farmer's market vendor

Trick or Treating Grab ‘n Go’s

Fill treat bags with a variety of Halloween sweets. Display in a giant pumpkin bowl or cauldron. If you're looking for packaging that adds extra Hocus to your Pocus, check out our custom Grab 'n GoGo Tag and Bag Kit, Chocolate Bar Wrapper Kit and Popcorn Label Kits.

You’ve Been Boo’d Gifts & Reboo Your Lease

Create sweet treats to deliver to residents. They are especially nice to deliver with reminders to residents who need to re-boo their leases this month.

Guess How Many Halloween Candy Jar

Make this month's jar extra spooktacular by layering Halloween treats, small gifts and gift cards.

Flannel-Fright Friday

Fall is THE TIME to rock flannel! Ask residents to create the funniest and most creative flannel fashion ideas. This is a fantastic prequel to your Ugly Sweater Contest. It is also an easy "costume" for those residents who prefer a casual alternative.

Outdoor Monster Mash Movies

Light the fire pit, get the s'mores out and show one (or multiple) Halloween movies. Ask residents to vote for their favorites via social media.

Community Pumpkin Patch with Photo Area

You can purchase large or small pumpkins for this event. The most important part is a photo display area where residents can pose with their family (including furry members) for a precious fall keepsake. If in budget, supply a frame to ensure that residents display it in their home. A photo like that is a sweet reminder of why they make their home at your community.

Pumpkin Treats for Dogs

Bake special pumpkin treats for the beasties of your community. Share the recipe via your social. If you're not up to baking, they can be purchased at pet stores or pet bakeries.

S’mores Grab ‘n Go’s

Create small treat bags complete with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate squares.

If you're looking for custom packaging, check out our Grab 'n GoGo Kits!

Hunger Awareness Month

Sponsor an area food pantry. Ask residents to donate nonperishables. "Charge" admission of canned/non-perishable foods for events.

National Chili Month

This is a yummy event to team with a Halloween Party, Fall Festival or Sunday Night Football.

Emotional Wellness Month

Provide weekly relaxation and emotional wellness tips via social media. Remind residents of the amenities and services that will help them find moments of stress relief and peace.

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