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Fall WOW Fridge Inspiration

Are you looking for ways to freshen up your WOW fridge? Scroll down to see ten terrific WOW fridges that have been curated by your creative colleagues! To see more of their great ideas, click on each fridge photo to be directed to the the community's Instagram account.

To add an extra layer of surprise and "WOWza," add a motion sensor activated sound player. Amazon has quite a few starting at $20. We have also heard from inventive teams who cut the sound chip out of a musical card and placed it inside the fridge door.

Would you like to WOW us with your fridge? We love to hear from you. Please Email photos or links.

Punny Inspo for Social Post Copy

  • resting witch face

  • 100% dat witch

  • witchy, washy

  • crisp air, don't care

  • you are the pumpkin pie of our eye

  • don't stop beLEAFing

  • beautiFALL

  • Is this FALL real

  • FALL in love

  • Looking GOURDeous

  • grateFALL


  • SPICEtacular

  • don't even CHAI

  • Treat, Treat, Treat Yo'self

  • and then they lived APPLE-y ever after

  • ORANGE you glad you live here

  • we like you a LATTE

  • hello, GOURDgeous

  • bet your AUTUMN dollar, we think you are aMAIZING

  • you're the CANDY APPLE of our eye

  • give 'em PUMPKIN to talk about

  • Pumpkin Spice and Chill

  • Pumpkin spice, spice, baby

  • HAY there










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