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February Resident Event Ideas for Busy Apartment Teams

Monthly Celebrations

  • Black History Month: Share trivia, quotes, and history on social media and give away books written by notable authors.

  • Library Lovers' Month: Host blind date with a book, promote your community library, give away books to kids and adults.

  • Vegan Cuisine Month: Share trivia/recipes on social, ask a chef from a local vegan restaurant to host a cooking class, serve vegan foods at happy hour or weekend brunch.

Weekly Celebrations

  • February 14-20: Random Acts of Kindness Week -- our world needs all the love it can get. Share tips via social media on small things residents can do to make big impacts in the lives of others. This is also a fabulous time to host a resident appreciate week!

Celebrations by Holiday

  • February 2: Groundhog Day -- Invite residents to a Phil's Shadow Watch Party breakfast or host a "will he or won't he see his shadow" contest.

  • February 13: Super Bowl, Galentine's Day -- invite residents to a viewing party and spoil everyone to Super Bowl and Galentine goodies. This is also a pampering grab 'n go opportunity for the gals of your community (spa certificiates, mani/pedi kits, chocolate and wine, etc).