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January Resident Event Ideas for Busy Apartment Teams

The new year has arrived. Help residents begin anew with creative events, services, and self care opportunities.

Wondering how you will find the time to add event planning to your hectic schedule? No worries. We are here for you. Subscribe to our e-mails for free event inspo and resident retention ideas. We love hearing from you -- please call, text or email anytime you have questions or would like to brainstorm.

Let's get this party started!
  • Self Care: The holidays are over and it is time to slow down and think about ways to pamper ourselves. January is National Tea Month, National Soup Month, National Slow Cooking Month, National Oatmeal Month, and National Hobby Month. Each of these events would make comforting grab 'n go gifts for residents.

  • Bagel Bar: Celebrate National Bagel Day (January 15) with yummy bagels, a variety of cream cheeses and fruit. This can also be a grab 'n go or breakfast on-the-go event.

  • Gourmet Popcorn Bar Grab 'n Go: Kick off National Popcorn Day (January 19) with a yummy variety of grab 'n go popcorn options. Share popcorn trivia on social. This event can also be teamed with a resident movie night.

  • Pies & Pints: Celebrate National Pie Day (January 23) with a pie tasting event. Glow up your event with pie and pint flights. For a grab 'n go option, provide individual pie slices or whole pies.

  • Grateful Jars: Want to remember everything wonderful that happens in the New Year? Jot down the events that make you smile and place inside the jar. Host an event with glass jars, blank labels, art supplies, and slips of paper. As an added marketing flourish, provide them with a special community logo-embossed pen that they can tie/affix with velcro on the jar. Residents can create a beautiful jar that will hold all of their happy memories for the year.

  • Fitness: What services do you provide to help residents reach their health goals? Do you plan on offering anything new? Kickboxing, Walking Club, Sunrise Yoga, Hot Yoga, Barre, Pilates, HIIT, etc. Promote them via social.

  • Meal Prep Kit DIY: Help residents start the year off right with healthy food prep ideas. Meal prep food containers are a very helpful giveaway. Provide residents with food prep tips via social media. If you have a fitness/heath instructor, it would be wonderful if they create the tips and post on a regular basis in January and throughout the year.

  • Low Carb Cocktails: Instead of your typical cocktails at Wine Down Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Margarita Monday and Sippin' Saturday, provide low carb options along with a recipe card and/or mixology tutorial.

  • Blind Date with a Board Game or Bordeaux & Board Games: Host an evening for singles or everyone. Include board games, snacks and drinks. Board games are not just for special evenings -- create a board game closet for residents to take out as they wish.

  • Puzzle Power: Putting a large puzzle together by yourself can be daunting. Make it fun by encouraging teamwork. Place a special puzzle table in your clubhouse. Feature a new puzzle each month. Ask residents to pop in anytime to help put it together. Share progress via social.

  • Guess How Many Snowball Counting Contest: Fill jar with cotton balls, white cheeseballs or mini marshmallows.

  • Yappy Hour, Four Legged Friday, Furry Friday: Pets are often just as cooped up as their people during the winter. Get your furry residents moving with a special walking club, weekend meet 'n greets, and puppy play time at the park. Use social to share winter health tips for pets and local pet-related events.

  • Cozy Living Video or In Person Event Ideas: homemade bath bombs, benefits of tea and/or aromatherapy, fitness/yoga/relaxation for beginners, and best practices for getting a good night of sleep.

  • Bonfires & S'mores: If your weather cooperates, this is a cozy and cost effective event. It can also be teamed with an outdoor movie. Use your social media account to ask residents vote for their favorite holiday movie.

  • Community Clubs: Connect your residents with a walking, book, video game or board game club. Kids love clubs too! Arrange a monthly movie club, a monthly birthday club, or board game club. For pet lovers, create a dog walking club or a regular yappy hour get together.

  • Blind Date with a Book, Book Swap, or Community Lending Library: Every season is perfect for reading. This is a great resource for kids and adults. You can also give out gift cards to local book stores. They need our help now more than ever!

  • Murder Mystery Dinner Party: This is a fun way to get residents together. It can be held inside, outside or both. It can also be teamed with cocktails or food and a theme of your choosing.

  • Winter Scavenger Hunt: Hide community gnomes or athletic team mascots. Ask residents to take their pic with them and tag you on social OR ask them to rescue it and bring it to your office.

I would love to show off your event photos! Please email them or tag us on Instagram.

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